2 thoughts on “10/12: Samuel,Fisseha “Sol””
  1. Dear Melissa and Donny,

    There is no one who knows your family who doesn’t love you. There is no one who has even heard of you or read about you who doesn’t admire you more than words can say. To have opened your hearts and home so wide, again and again, to have taught all your children to open their hearts to each other and the world, to have had such heroic patience with everything up to biking in the house without a helmet, to have kept your generosity and sense of humor alive, has inspired and will continue to inspire us all. We all know life is unfair, but this is just too unfair. May you take comfort in the love you and all your children gave to Sol, may his bright spirit live on in all who knew him, may you recover, however imperfectly, to knit your extraordinary family together again, and may Sol’s memory always be for a blessing.

  2. We are so profoundly sorry to hear about Sol. You have such a beautiful family; we are saddened by this terrible loss. We hope you can find comfort in the love and light that is his legacy.

    Richard and Evelyn Male (friends of the Kapniks)

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